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The privacy and security of our customers is a priority of Bank of Travelers Rest.  And while we monitor our customer data and protect it against the threat of cyber-attacks, we encourage our customers to be vigilant in protecting their personal information as they exchange both public and nonpublic information via the World Wide Web.


Cybersecurity is serious business

Cybercrimes continue becoming an issue of concern and we want to be your partner in combatting any act of cybersecurity that threatens the security of your information.  Here are tips to remember to help safeguard your online presence:

  • Network with Care ­– Social networking is an important component of how we keep up with friends and family around the globe.  It can also be a resource for a criminal to glean information that he or she can later use to pose as you.  Publishing full birthdates, work history, and other identifying information can lead to the exposure of information that may otherwise be kept more closely guarded.
  • Download with Caution – That seems like an easy task, but with more and more email hacks, you may be opening an email that appears to be from a known contact and therefore gives you a false sense of security.  View the email for clues that might identify that the email is not from your known contact and if in doubt, ask.  Identify that a download is legitimate before clicking to open it and exposing your computer and possible network.
  • Answer with Assurance – Companies you do business with will not ask you to provide credit card or account numbers via email or text message.  Answer any request that may seem legitimate by reaching out to the company with which you do business and verify the need for the request to be answered but only through a manner that is comfortable for you.  Providing full account numbers via email or text message could lead to the exposure of your account and information.
  • Protect with Passwords – Passwords are a vital link to protecting your information.  Whether it is locking your mobile device or laptop or it’s logging in your online banking, passwords should be something that is not easily linked back to you.  Passwords should be changed periodically to insure that they are doing the job they are meant to perform, protecting you and your identity. 

These tips are not an intended to be a full-proof method for cyber protection.  However, adherence to these helps lay the groundwork for developing your plan to guard against a cyber-attack.  In addition, we have included links below to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)’s cybersecurity guide for business and for consumers.  You may open the link in an Adobe Acrobat Viewer.  If you have difficulty opening the files or would like a hard copy of either brochure, you may pick up one in your local branch.

Cybersecurity for Consumers Cybersecurity for Businesses


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