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Online Banking Login Security Upgrade

At Bank of Travelers Rest, our mission is to provide outstanding financial service to our customers. That includes putting in place safeguards that help protect your money and ensure that only you have access to your Bank of Travelers Rest accounts online.



Starting November 7, 2023, when you log into online banking or myBTRmoney, you will be prompted with a series of security challenge screens that once completed will protect the privacy and security of your personal information. Here’s what you can expect.

Security Challenge

After you enter your user ID and password for online banking, the first screen will ask if you would prefer to be identified by answering your security questions OR if you prefer to be emailed a one-time passcode.

 OLB Login Update 1

 Set Up

We will authenticate your identity in the future by sending you an SMS text message or by a voice call. For this reason, we are asking you to provide us with your mobile number. Even though your mobile number may be listed on the screen, you will need to enter it in the blank provided for verification. If the numbers listed for you are incorrect, please contact the bank.

 OLB Upgrade Step 2


When you sign on to online banking, you may be prompted to authenticate the information entered. You may select to have a text message sent to your mobile device or to receive an automated telephone call to verify the number.

 OLB Upgrade Step 3


The last step is verifying your number. Whether you select the text option or the phone call option, the system will use the number and your requested form of verification to authenticate your login. If you choose to have a text message sent, you will need to add the code found in the text. If you select to receive verification by telephone, you will need to follow the steps outlined by the audio message when it rings your number.

 OLB Update Step 4


Once you've logged in for the first time and you're prompted to walk through these steps, you will have verified that the device you're using is recognized as yours. From time to time, you may be asked to complete these steps again as a way to verify that the device still belongs to you.

If you have questions about these enhancements, please reach out to us.


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