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We've introduced a new way for consumers to transfer money to/from your Bank of Travelers Rest accounts from/to your accounts at other financial institutions.  It's all made simple when you use TransferNow®.


 Introducing a simple way to transfer money!  TransferNow®.

It's your money, so you should be able to move it when the need arises.  The external transfers options within online banking and myBTRmoney makes moving your money from one institution to another simple.  With TransferNow®, you can easily move money from your accounts at another financial institution to your accounts at Bank of Travelers Rest.  Or if you're needing to move it from your Bank of Travelers Rest accounts to your accounts at another financial institution, it's just as easy!  

Here's how to access TransferNow®:

  • From within online banking, locate the "Transfer" tab in the top navigation.  Once the page opens, you have the options of transferring between your Bank of Travelers Rest accounts or to make an external transfer.  Click the button labeled "Launch External Transfer" and then follow the prompts to begin the process.  NOTE:  TransferNow® is a service offered to consumers who have online banking.  It is not available for business banking customers.
  • From within myBTRmoney, locate the "Transfer & Pay" icon in the bottom navigation.  Click the "Transfer& Pay" button and the screen for transfers appears.  Locate the "Make an External Transfer" and follow the prompts to launch the process.

Previously, customers who were enrolled in online bill pay could use the A2A (Account to Account) transfer feature to make similar transfers.  With the introduction of TransferNow®, customers will no longer have access to A2A but will need to utilize the external transfer options now available in online banking and myBTRmoney.  If you have used A2A to perform recurring transfers, we recommend reviewing those transactions and moving them to TransferNow®.  



*TransferNow is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.  TransferNow is a service offered to consumers who have online banking.  External transfers made using TransferNow must be made between transactional accounts (checking or savings accounts).  



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