Bill Pay

Imagine paying bills with a "click" - no checks, stamps, envelopes or post office visits. Paying bills electronically with your computer is a convenient, cost effective, and time efficient way to get the job done! 

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With Bill Pay You Can:

Pay Any Person or Business in the USA

Within Bill Pay, you can select a payee from the list provided or create your own payee.   This allows you to pay anyone from utilities to your landlord. You cannot pay government agencies through Bill Pay.

Make Variable Payments

like your utilities or credit cards

Bill Pay stores your payee information in a personal database system. This allows you to pay your variable payments on a month-to-month basis without losing any of your payee information.

Set Up Recurring Payments 

like your mortgage or car payment

Bill Pay stores your payee information in a personal database system. This allows you to set-up payments on a recurring basis so you do not have to enter the payment every month.

Track Payment History Online

Payment history for active and deleted payees is stored for 18 months.

Bill Presentment

Bill Pay is able to receive and store electronic bills from billers who provide them. This allows all of your electronic bills to be delivered and stored in one place. An email notification is sent to you notifying you that your bill is ready for viewing.

Same Day Bill Pay 

Bill Pay now provides a Same Day Bill Pay option that allows you to electronically make your payment with a same day effective date. The availability varies by vendor and is accompanied by a fee of $9.95 per same day payment.

Account to Account Transfers

Account to Account (A2A) transfers within Bill Pay help you better manage your overall account relationship with accounts outside of Bank of Travelers Rest. Whether you want to send money to your Bank of Travelers Rest account or if you need to transfer funds from an account at Bank of Travelers Rest, you can save time and hassle by completing that task in online banking through Bill Pay Transfers. There is no cost to transfer between your Bank of Travelers Rest accounts or to transfer money from another institution to your Bank of Travelers Rest account. A fee of $2.00 will apply to transfer money from your Bank of Travelers Rest account to another institution.  

Bill Pay Customer Support

Once enrolled, the Bill Pay Customer Support Center is available for assistance at 1 (800) 877-8021. In the event that you are unable to obtain assistance, you may contact the Electronic Banking Team at Bank of Travelers Rest at (864) 834-9031 or toll free at (888) 557-2265.