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Your Bank of Travelers Rest debit card is your lifeline to your checking account.  Keeping a pulse on transactions processing through your account is increasingly important as fraudsters invent new ways to access your money. 

Text Alerts for Suspicious Debit Card Transactions 

At Bank of Travelers Rest, the security of our customers and their accounts is a priority that’s why we have introduced myBTR_alerts! 

Here's how the service works:

  • myBTR_alerts analyzes your typical transaction pattern. 
  • If we suspect a transaction to be fraudulent, we will alert you with a text message.  The message will include both the merchant and the amount in question. 
  • You will have the option to respond to us to indicate “YES” the purchase is valid or “NO” you did not authorize the purchase. 
    • If you respond “YES,” then we will continue with the processing. 
    • If you respond with “NO,” then we will respond via text with the appropriate next steps. 

This is an enhancement to how the service has worked in the past when we relied on direct phone calls.  Now, we will first text.  If we do not have a response from the text, we will follow-up with a phone call.




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