uChoose Rewards lets you earn rewards uChoose!


Purchases made with your Bank of Travelers Rest Visa® debit or credit card are eligible to earn uChoose Rewards!  With uChoose Rewards, you have a large variety of options for what you can get with your rewards points.  We believe that when it comes to rewards programs, the toughest part should be choosing from lots of options. uChoose Rewards gives you the flexibility to redeem rewards points for merchandise, gift cards, or travel. 

How does it work?  Simply register your debit or credit card and use it to make everyday purchases.  And with uChoose Rewards, you earn rewards with both signature and PIN-based transactions.  You are literally signing, swiping and earning! 

But first, you will need to register your card by visiting uchooserewards.com.  There you can view your rewards points, start a wish list of items and redeem them once you have accrued points needed for your chosen reward.  The uChoose Rewards site also allows you to household or “link” your rewards points with other cards in your household.  When you link your points, you can move faster as you save points for the uChoose Reward you want. 

To help guide you through the registration or pooling process, click on the guide below.  These step-by-step instructions will walk you through the process to make it even easier.  If you have questions, simply contact our Customer Support Center or visit your local branch.


uChoose Rewards Customer Registration Guide


To reach the uChoose Rewards Customer Service Center, dial 1-844-757-4681.  Their hours of operation are:  Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday, 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.  The uChoose Rewards Customer Service Center is closed on major holidays.


The uChoose Rewards Program is available to open and active accounts as designated by Bank of Travelers Rest.  For more information, click on the “Terms and Conditions” link at www.uchooserewards.com
uChoose Rewards is not an affiliate of Bank of Travelers Rest. 
uChoose Rewards is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. 

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Services.