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Bank of Travelers Rest is pleased to announce enhancements to our myBTRmoney app!  These enhancements will make it easier for you to manage your Bank of Travelers Rest relationship right from the palm of your hand.

myBTRmoney with CardValet features
myBTRmoney Screen1

myBTRmoney with CardValet helps empower debit card holders to control how, where, and when their debit cards can be used. Customers can control their Bank of Travelers Rest debit cards directly from the myBTRmoney app they already use every day. With a few taps, customers can block all transactions, report a lost or stolen card, and block transactions based on transaction amount, location and/or merchant type. Having the ability to control cards directly from the iPhone or Android phone app empowers customers to protect themselves from fraud.

Want to control your card?  You can!  From the Accounts screen select the More menu.  Debit cards tied to the accounts in your myBTRmoney app will automatically load into a card carousel. You can swipe though the carousel to locate the card you wish to manage.


Card Block

With a single tap myBTRmoney you can immediately disable a debit card. You may also block a misplaced card or block a card any time you  don’t plan to use it. When a card is blocked, new purchases and ATM transactions will decline. Teller transactions, existing pending transactions and recurring transactions are not blocked. You can easily remove the block on the card at any time. Changes in control settings take effect immediately. And, If you need to report the card lost or stolen, you can initiate a call directly to the Bank with a single tap.


Transaction Amount Controls

You may choose to set a maximum transaction amount on a card to help control spending. If a purchase or ATM transaction is attempted over the amount set, it will decline. You can change the amount at any time, directly from the myBTRmoney app on your phone. Transaction amount limits apply to online ecommerce transactions as well as in-store transactions and ATM withdrawals.


Location Controls

Control where a card is used by choosing to block international transactions or specifying a location radius where transactions are allowed. Location limits only apply to in-store transactions. E-commerce transactions will not be declined even when a location limit is activated. To set a radius location limit, simply enter an address and choose the radius size around the address. In-store transactions attempted outside the set radius will decline. Location limits can be disabled or changed at any time based on your changing needs.


Merchant Controls

When you set up Merchant Limits, you can help control your spending.  You may choose to allow certain cards to be used only for specific types of merchants. For example, a card could be designated for use only at gas stations. Users can block all other merchant types on that card. Detailed information is provided about the types of merchants impacted by each block setting. Merchant limits apply to online ecommerce transactions as well as in-store transactions.


Learning about myBTRmoney with CardValet

myBTRmoney Screen 2

Get answers to your card control questions by tapping the information icon  at the top of the Cards screen.