myBTR_alerts is a service that analyzes your typical transaction pattern to identify when a transaction is out of the ordinary.  Then, we will send you a text alert if we suspect a transaction to be fraudulent.  In the event that a transaction is outside of your normal pattern, we will alert you with a text message from 707-56.  The message will include details about the transaction being attempted. 

Once you receive the message, you can simply respond with "Y" (for "Yes") or "N" (for "No").  Your response will indicate whether we should allow the transaction to process or stop the transaction and take necessary next steps. This is an enhancement to how the service has worked in the past when we relied on direct phone calls.  Now, we will first text and if we do not have a response from the text, we will follow-up with a phone call.

Remember, you will receive the alert from 707-56.  Because this is coming from an alert system, we thought you may want to see what the messages may tell you.  Below we have included sample reasons for the 2-way text and what the text response may be. 


When we identify a potentially suspect transaction  FreeMSG myBTR_alerts Fraud Center 8772538964 $125.46 on card 8910 at Food Circus.  If valid reply YES, fraud NO.  To Opt Out, STOP. 
 If a transaction is legitimate and you respond "Yes" FreeMSG myBTR_alerts Fraud Center 8772538964 Thank you for confirming this activity.  You may continue to use your card.  To Opt Out reply STOP. 
If the transaction is NOT authorized and you respond "NO" FreeMSG myBTR_alerts Fraud Center 8772538964 Your response has placed a block on the card.  Call us immediately at 8772538962, avail 24/7.  To Opt Out reply STOP. 
If you respond to the alert with "HELP" You will receive a message directing you to call the fraud center at 1-844-544-3265. 
If you decide to opt out, text "STOP"  FreeMSG myBTR_alerts Fraud Center 8772538964 Per your request you will no longer receive Fraud text alerts.  To reactivate Fraud text alerts reply UNDO 


 If we have your mobile number AND you are a debit card customer, you will be automatically enrolled. Unsure if we have your correct number?  Visit or call to verify or update the contact information we have on file.  myBTR_alerts is just one more way we are working to protect our customers’ accounts.  At Bank of Travelers Rest, we are banking in the places we call home…and protecting those we consider family.