Website Redesign

Release of Responsive Website during First Quarter of 2020

Bank of Travelers Rest is pleased to announce the redesign of our current website.  We have assessed the use of our site and developed a more user-friendly experience for customers who visit us on the web.  So, what can you expect?

Responsive Design
That means almost nothing until you consider how the site will function.  With the widespread use of electronic devices that can access our site, the site needed to function as similarly as possible on multiple screen types.  The responsive site will detect the type device you are using and automatically adjust the view to be better visible on the screen.  That means users with laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones will now experience our website in very similar view.

Online Login Move
Customers who access our easy drop-down for online logins will continue to have that option.  However, it will be moved from the side navigation on our homepage.  The new online menu selections will appear at the bottom of your screen on the homepage.  This will make the login section more visible and accessible as you enter our site.

“TO THE TOP” Arrow
That’s probably not the technical term, but it best explains the tool.  When you are scrolling through a page on our site, we have enhanced the experience by adding a “TO THE TOP” arrow.  So, if you need to return to the top of the page, simply click on the arrow and you return to the top.  No scrolling necessary!

Attention to Use
While the increase in web-enabled devices has increased, so has the functionality of sites to accommodate multiple users.  Our new site has been designed to address concerns for customers who may have an impairment.  We are passing it through testing to determine its usability and accessibility.

Watch for Changes
Of course when anything changes, we understand it may be difficult to identify where you should click for commonly used services.  We have incorporated a quick tutorial that will point out our most commonly used features and where they can be located.  So, when you visit the site for the first time, look for the introductory tutorial to help acclimate you to the new site.

These and other changes to the website are scheduled to launch in the First Quarter of 2020!  As we finalize the content and identify a live date, we alert customers via the website, emails, and additional communication channels.