Information Security is Serious Business

At Bank of Travelers Rest, the safety and security of your personal information is important to us.  We have put safeguards in place to ensure your information stays confidential.  And as a reminder, Bank of Travelers Rest will never call you and ask you to provide us with personal, sensitive information.  Additionally, we will not call you and ask that you provide us with a login OR password.

We work hard on your behalf to keep your information safe.  We've put together these tips to help you as you do your part to safeguard your secure information. 

  • Never disclose any part of your login credentials to anyone, especially over the telephone or online.
  • Never give personal information, including passwords and PIN numbers, over the Internet. 
  • Change your passwords frequently and make them hard to guess.  And never write them down, memorize them.
  • Protect your mobile device by enabling a PIN, password or fingerprint.
  • Monitor your accounts daily.  The more frequently you look at your balances and transactions, the faster you can identify if a transaction appears that you did not authorize or recognize.
  • Beware of questionable emails.  In many cases the email may appear to be from a recipient you know, such as Bank of Travelers Rest.  The email may ask that you click on a link which may direct you to a site that looks legitimate but is actually malicious.  The phony site may request that you enter personal information, such as passwords, card numbers or personal identifiers.  Bank of Travelers Rest does not do this.
  • Most importantly, ask questions.  If you receive an email, telephone call or text message that appears to come from Bank of Travelers Rest, ask questions.  We don’t mind if you ask to call us back or reach out to us to find out if we have, in fact, sent you a message.  It is better to act with caution in order to protect your information, accounts and identity.

 As technology continues to evolve, fraudsters are becoming more clever in finding new ways to deceive people in the online environment.  If you suspect that you have become a victim of a malicious attempt to access your information, do not wait until the attempt becomes an event.  Act quickly by contacting us and allowing us to walk you through the steps necessary to protect your accounts and safeguard your information.