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Fraud Attempts Reported

UPDATED:  12/06/2022, 5:24 p.m.


Our Customer Support Center and Electronic Banking Teams have begun receiving reports about suspected fraud.  Customers have reported being contacted, either by telephone call or text message, alerting them to fraud on their accounts.  These false claims were that fraudulent activity was suspected by the use of the customer's debit card.  The caller then either requested the full debit card number or the last 10 digits of the debit card number. 

Here are things you should know to help protect you against these types of attempts:

  • Bank of Travelers Rest will NEVER initiate a call or text to you and request that you provide us with your debit (or credit) card number.  WE ALREADY HAVE THAT ON FILE so there would be no need for us to ask you to provide it.
  • Look for details in a text message.  When you look at the example below, you'll notice periods in the wrong place. Additionally, notice the callback number is one that is not within our area code. 
  • If you receive a text message and you call the number given in the text, even then the "representative" should NOT ask for your card number.  Fraudsters have tried to "look smart" by knowing we tell you we would "never call you and ask you to provide your card number."  So they are providing you a number to call and then asking for it, making it seem more legitimate because you called them.
  • When in doubt about a call, hang up and call us back directly.  You can call on our main telephone line (864-834-9031) or by calling the number on the back of your card.  NEVER hang up and select to return call the number that you felt uneasy with the discussion.  Some fraud attempts will even say that the number is 'Bank of Traveler Rest' in the caller ID.  Don't trust that.  Call us back on a number you know is ours.
  • Report suspected fraud to us immediately.  The faster you act, the quicker we can help you with a resolution and can help prevent similar attempts for other customers.  


 Beware of Messages Similar to the Message in this Box

  • If a call feels wrong, it probably is.  Hang up IMMEDIATELY.
  • Use a published number for Bank of Travelers Rest.
  • Never return the call from your missed calls, recent calls, or calls identified as Bank of Travelers Rest.
  • Report suspected fraud to use as quickly as possible.


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