Merchant Services
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Bank of Travelers Rest is committed to providing the solutions you need to maximize your business potential. As your merchant services partner, we will work with you to provide the tools you need to focus less on banking and more on maximizing your business opportunities.

What is Merchant Services?

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Standard Options

Make your business more convenient for your customers when you utilize merchant services through Bank of Travelers Rest. We incorporate the latest technology enabling you to accept and transmit payments via:

Card Swipe Terminals

Using card swipe terminals allows your customers to swipe their cards as a means of payment to your business. Whether you use our terminal or one you have previously purchased, our Merchant Services processing supports:

  • Verifone (credit card & check payments)
  • Hypercom (credit card payments)
  • Omni (credit card payments)

Touch Tone Phone

This solution does not require a terminal. It allows you to take credit and debit cards for payments and receive verification by simply using a touch tone phone.

Electronic Check Acceptance

This option allows you to use a special terminal to scan a check and transmit it as an electronic payment.

Mobile Payments

Bank of Travelers Rest can help you turn your web enabled device into a way to accept payments for your business all with the addition of our mobile payment swipe solution. So, you can literally take your business on the road!

eCommerce Options

By utilizing our eCommerce Options, you can enable your website to accept payments in an online environment. Solutions include:


For basic ecommerce needs, iTerminal is simple to set up and easy for your customer to use.

A more advanced solution, enhances business management by helping build an eCommerce-friendly business website.

Make the Switch

Consider starting a merchant services relationship with Bank of Travelers Rest. Even if you have merchant services established elsewhere, let us compare your options! We can take three months of statements from your current processor and find opportunities to save you money. Bank of Travelers Rest merchant services offers:

  • Local service and support
  • No long-term contract
  • Competitive rates
  • Low fees
  • 24-hour support
  • Free online resources
  • Free supplies
  • Gift cards

Let Us Help You

Bank of Travelers Rest wants to partner with you to grow your business. We can provide solutions that not only save you money but also add convenience to both you and your customers. Contact our specialist to schedule a consultation with no obligation. We can review your options and recommend solutions that are right for the way you do business. Our mission is to provide outstanding financial service. That includes making it easy for you to do business with us.

If you are looking for ways to grow your business and lower your operating costs, you will find a solution through Merchant Services at Bank of Travelers Rest. Merchant Services can enable your business to accept customer payments by using a customer's credit, debit, or gift card at a cost that is affordable for your business. By accepting electronic payments, you are enhancing your customer service by allowing customers to pay with the option they prefer.

Contact us today at 864-834-9031 or at 888-557-2265 for a FREE price quote or to learn more about how Merchant Services can help you.

PCI Compliance

To ensure that your systems are in compliance with industry standards, merchants utilizing PCI Compliance can complete their online questionnaires and security scans by clicking the link below.

PCI Compliance